Q: How do I report a crime?
A: For non-emergency reports, such as criminal mischief, insurance reports, or questions, you should call 712.362.3515. To report a crime in progress, dial 911.
Q: When is the Law Enforcement Center open?
A: Our dispatch center remains open 24 hours a day. To contact a specific officer, please call the non-emergency number and check with the dispatcher to learn when he/she works next.
Q: When should I contact 911?
A: 911 is an emergency number to report a crime in progress. It should not be used to report non-emergencies, or to ask for information. When a person uses the 911 lines improperly, people who have serious emergencies are unable to get the emergency help they desperately need.
Q: How long can I park on the streets of Estherville?
A: In the downtown areas, there is no parking allowed from 2am to 5am. A vehicle may remain parked for a period of 18 hours in the residential neighborhoods, and 24 hours in a city parking lot. When a "snow emergency" is declared, vehicles parked in the downtown areas must be removed before 2:00 a.m.
Q: Can I ride a 4-wheeler or golf cart on the street in the city limits of Estherville?
A: You can under the following conditions: 1. The driver must have a valid driver's license. 2. The driver does not drive on private property without permission. 3. The vehicle is equipped with all the original equipment from the manufacturer. 4. The driver obeys all traffic laws. 5. The vehicle is not operated on parks or public land. 6. The owner or driver carries proof of financial responsibility. 7. The vehicle is currently registered. 8. Golf carts must display an orange flag or S.M.V. sign or both. 9. You cannot legally drive on highways such as Hwy. 4 and Hwy. 9. You may cross highways but you may not travel on them. The solution to getting across the Des Moines river is to use the sidewalk on the south side of the Central Avenue bridge.
Q: Do we have any gang activity in Estherville?
A: Yes, we do. There have been signs of activity for many years, most of it being graffiti. Some say that it's just kids being kids; but signs establish territories, and rivals often resort to violence as a way to take over a territory.
Q: What are some of the penalties for O.W.I.?
A: If you test .08 or more you will lose your license for 6 months for a first offense. If you refuse to take the test you will lose your license for 1 year for a first offense.
Q: What is the difference between operating while intoxicated (O.W.I.) and a .02 violation?
A: A .02 violation is an administrative violation (which applies to persons under the age of 21), and an O.W.I. is a criminal action.
Q: What number should I call for road conditions and weather information?
A: Call the Iowa State Department of Transportation by dialing 511 or 1.800.288.1047.
Q: If I need an answer to a question not posted here, what should I do?
A: You should stop at the Law Enforcement Center (114 N. 6th St.) to visit with a dispatcher or a police officer, or dial 712.362.3515.
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