EPD Events

Active Shooter Drill

On Tuesday October 9, 2018 Emmet County First Responders participated in an active shooter drill at Good Samaritan nursing home in Estherville. These drills help sharpen our skills, along with testing agencies policies and procedures.
Participating agencies where the following; Estherville Police Dept, Emmet County Sheriff's Dept, Iowa State Patrol, Estherville Fire Dept, Estherville Ambulance Service, Avera Hospital, Public Health, Good Samaritan Center, Pearl Valley, Valley View, Emmet County Emergency Management. We also had students participate from Iowa Lakes Community College.

This training was a success with all agencies and shows how well each agencies work together. Feed back from evaluates where; This communities law enforcement is top notch. The dispatch for Emmet County did a wonderful job, Avera Hospital worked through each patient quick and thorough. 


You never know where or when our officers may show up...  So be prepared for...  Dodgeball!  We love to have a little fun with the public that we are here to serve.  On this occasion it was dodgeball with the Estherville 3rd and 4th graders.  Thanks, everyone.